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Ishigaki, Ryukyu Island Cruise Port

Ishigaki Ryukyu Island is the political, cultural and economic center of the Yaeyama Islands. Discover this remote island and all its beautiful beaches, coral reef and mountainous landscape. Explore the native palm forests and islands of Kohama, Taketomi and Kuroshima. See the lavishly decorated Chinese tomb or the red-roofed town in the tiny island of Taketomi where you can also witness the rural heritage still practiced today. When cruising to Ishigaki, make sure to sample some of the local cuisine at specialty restaurants in town or search for the local craft markets to find the island’s cultural artworks. There are so many things to do in this small island, but here are a few of our most highly-recommended:

  • Hop on a glass-bottom boat to explore the beautiful coral reef and brightly colored marine life. Afterwards, learn how textiles are woven and dyed for the traditional clothing.
  • Take an introductory tour through Ishigaki to revel in the beautiful beaches, small coves and subtropical feel not typically associated with Japan.
  • Explore the Ryukyu region on a scenic drive through the island of Ishigaki at Kabira Bay, and then go shopping at a popular spot in town.
  • Enjoy a panoramic tour of the island and two of its more popular desitinations, Tamatorizaki and Kabira Bay, which give an elevated look onto the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
  • Experience native island transportation by ferry, riverboat and an oxcart pulled by a water buffalo while you will enjoy the highlights of Iriomote Island.

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