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Tsuruga, Japan Cruise Port

Tsuruga is a city situated in Japan. Tsuruga was established in July, 1899 by an imperial decree as an open port for trading with the United Kingdom and the United States. It was incorporated as a city on April 1st, 1937. The city is known for its two nuclear power facilities, which are the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant and the Monju demonstration nuclear plant. In 1920, Tsuruga was the only Japanese port that was opened up to Polish orphans and later in 1940 it was also opened up to the Jewish refugees. The city has a rich history and is an interesting place to visit. Listed below are some of the most recommended features, elements, and attractions that visitors will enjoy after cruising to Tsuruga, Japan:
  • Tsuruga Manten Hotel Ekimae is a popular hotel in the region. The hotel is simple, clean, and modern. The food served at the establishment is also great. The staff at the establishment go out of their way to ensure that visitors have a pleasant stay at the hotel.
  • Tsuruga has several good dining establishments. Visitors to the city should make the most of their visit by trying local dishes at the local restaurants. An example of an establishment that serves good local cuisines that travellers should visit is Europe-ken, Tsuruga Honten.
  • History lovers should make their way to the Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum. The museum is a good place to learn about the history of the region. Visitors will get a lot of insight and information on the history of the area and the country.
  • Photographers will have an amazing time at Tsuruga. The city offers many interesting subjects that a photographer can take pictures of. These include the buildings and historical monuments in the area. The beautiful scenery of the region also compliments photography.

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