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Niigata, Japan Cruise Port

Niigata is one of Japan’s 47 jurisdictional prefectures and is located in the Chubu region with Niigata as its capital city. Located in the center of the Japanese mainland, Niigata is divided into a western and eastern port. While the east port is designed primarily for commerce, the west port is equipped for cruises and tourists. It’s less than a ten-minute drive from the airport and fewer than 100 miles from Tokyo. In the nearby town, shopping is a big stream of revenue as well as cultural experiences like Geisha dances and performances in the local restaurants. On the outskirts, the suburbs are more isolated with peaceful rice fields and relaxing hot springs. At the mouth of Japan’s longest river, the eternal flow into the city has made Niigata a travel hub and a respected site for international trade. One of its major resources is rice, which is used to create high-grade sake.


  • Sample a wide variety of sake at Ponshukan. With over 100 types, this place is perfect for those new to the sake experience. While some bottles are quite expensive, many cheap samples can be purchased for a song.
  • The island of Japan as a whole is renowned for its many shrines. The Yahiko Shrine in Niigata can be found on Mount Yahito and is said to be a power spot for good fortune and love.
  • Experience how rice becomes a delicious alcoholic beverage at the Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery. Along with two free tastings, this tour will demonstrate the craft of sake production.
  • Venture to the more historic side of the city by visiting the Historic Relic Sado Gold Mine, a mineshaft first explored during Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868).

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