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Shimonoseki, Japan Cruise Port

Shimonoseki is the largest city in the Yamaguchi prefecture and is located on the westernmost end of Honshu Island. Besides being a long-standing gateway to the mainland—established in 1899 to establish trade with the US and UK—it’s known for its seafood. Caught locally, distributed, or served at local eateries, the delicacies include sea urchin, whale, and angler. But Shimonoseki is most known for their pufferfish. As the largest harvester of pufferfish in Japan, they’re nicknamed the “Fugu Capital” after the delectable, yet potentially poisonous dish. Mount Hinoyama is also a long walk or short cable car ride away, where you can view the entire city and surrounding nature in all its glory. Back within the city limits is the Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum which features a plethora of pufferfish species, a dolphin show, and penguins. Many tourists come to this populous mecca for its annual festivals, traditional architecture, and regional food specialties.


  • Engage and even be frightened by one of Japan’s oldest ghost stories by viewing the statue of Hoichi the Earless at the Shinto shrine, Akima-jingu.
  • Drive or ride across the long and impressive Tsunoshima Giant Bridge to the enticing shores and beaches of Tsunoshima Island.
  • Run, jog, or stroll through the impressively built and fabulously named Kanmon Tunnel for Humans. Connecting Honshu and Kyushu Islands, this underground passageway between the two beautiful sites is also a cool, dry place for exercise.
  • Experience what the city is most famous for at the Karato Sea Market. Some homework may be necessary in selecting the primo pieces of fish, but if fresh seafood is what you’re after, this is definitely the place.

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