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Da Nang, Vietnam Cruise Port

The commercial and educational center of Central Vietnam, the cruise port of Ðà N?ng, Vietnam is listed as a first class city. The original source of its name seems to have many theories, but most tend to translate from something with "water" in the meaning (for example, the researcher Inrasara suggests it’s a variation of the Cham word "daknan," meaning "the large water"). With the city’s birth around 192 A.D., the port was on the radar of many explorers; by 1847, the French decided they really wanted it for their own and in 1889, colonists renamed the city Tourane. By 1945 Ho Chi Minh announced Vietnam's independence, eventually leading to the Vietnam War; it took until 2007 for Vietnam to become a member of the World Trade Organization. Regardless of its tumultuous past, it’s a fascinating place to visit today. Here are some of our favorite experiences while cruising to Ðà N?ng, Vietnam:
  • Lady Buddha is the nickname for a statue of about 220 feet high of the Bodhisattva of Mercy. With 17 floors, you can worship a different Buddha on each one. The view from the top is fantastic, and you may just leave with a sense of peace.
  • For an exploration of caves and temples, try the Marble Mountains. A group of five hills composed of limestone and marble, this is a popular pilgrimage site. Along with multiple statues of Buddha and the temples, there's a circular cave and chimney which leads to a summit and amazing panoramic views of Non Nuoc (also known as China Beach).
  • Forbes magazine has called Non Nuoc Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Indeed, its clean, blue waters are extremely popular among tourists, thanks to the city's hot tropical monsoon climate. It's also a great place to try local seafood, do some parasailing, or gaze at the waves.
  • Stretching over the over the River Hàn is Dragon Bridge, which is exactly what the name suggests. Not only does it look like a cool dragon, but it's designed to breathe fire each Saturday and Sunday night at 9:00 P.M.
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