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Phu My, Vietnam Cruise Port

Phu My is the port for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The port is popularly known as the gateway to HCMC. Over 30 years have passed since the end of the Vietnam War, which also marked the fall of Saigon. The name of the city was changed from Saigon to HCMC after the war. The name Saigon, however, is still used by some of the locals. The city has remained as a major trading center, a reputation it has had since the 18th century. The location is beautiful and there are plenty of interesting activities that visitors can take part in. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Phu My (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam will enjoy:
  • History lovers should make their way to the Reunification Palace. It is the palace where the tanks crashed past the gate during the Vietnam War. Guests can view the tanks that are displayed at the establishment and the basement offers the chance to view the war rooms.
  • People who want to learn more about the war should visit the War Remnants Museum. The museum has several artifacts that were retrieved from the War. To fully understand the war it is good to be open-minded and to analyze the situation from the perspective of the Vietnamese.
  • The Sea Goddess Temple is a recommended place to visit for people that want to get more insight into both culture and history. People can observe multiple woodcarvings and figurines at the temple. The establishment is colorful and has an interesting design.
  • The Cu Chi Tunnels are worth visiting. They are an extensive network of underground tunnels that were used during the war. The network provided sleeping quarters, hospitals, meeting rooms, and commanding rooms among others. Visitors should not pass out on the chance to see the tunnels.

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