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Busan (Kyongju), South Korea Cruise Port

Whether you call it Pusan or Busan, you’ll have an incredible experience visiting the city. Located at the southern tip of South Korea, Pusan is the nation’s second largest city. While this is a big city, it offers more natural beauty than Seoul, the capital. Pusan has beaches, hot springs and beautiful parks. If you are looking for more of a city feel, Pusan delivers on that as well. You’ll find lots of shopping complexes and tall buildings, and Pusan is South Korea’s hub for trading and its port is the fifth biggest in the world. If you are cruising to Pusan, here are a few things to see and do:

  • You don’t have to be hungry to enjoy the Jagalchi Fish Market. Sit back and watch the fish get delivered and assorted, and then observe the locals looking for the freshest specimens – the whole process is a show on its own.
  • Tour the Pusan Port and learn about all the imports and exports that make their way to and from Pusan. Your tour shows you just how significant this port is to South Korea and the world.
  • For some time in the great outdoors, visit Taejongdae Park. This park is along the shoreline and offers beautiful views of the coast. This park is also famous for its white lighthouse and the fact that ancient kings used this park for archery practice.
  • Take a strawberry milk bath at the Hurshimchung Spa where there are lots of different pools at different temperatures, along with heated igloos. It’s a great place to unwind. 

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