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Ishinomaki, Japan Cruise Port

The cruise port of Ishinomaki, Japan has been rebuilding and reinventing itself since the devastating earthquake in 2011. Sure, it may not be the best known city in Japan, but it has a charm and loveliness all its own. In Ishinomaki, you’ll find restaurants serving the freshest and most flavorful sushi; museums dedicated to many unique topics; a beautiful park overlooking the city; and much more. You will find plenty to explore and experience in Ishinomaki, Japan – continue below for recommendations:
  • Tashiro Island - Just a short boat ride from Ishinomaki, this island is home to a large population of stray cats. In fact, the cats now outnumber the inhabitants on the island! The locals don’t mind though, as they take pride in caring for the cats – which are considered good luck in Japan. Bring a lunch for yourself and some treats for the cats, you won’t find anything else like it.
  • Manga Museum – The work of famous manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori is forever immortalized in this museum. Although the museum was heavily damaged in the 2011 tsunami, it has since undergone restoration and fully reopened. The museum has a collection of comics, statues, and artwork from his influential manga works. Some of his works are even displayed on the streets of Ishinomaki, including statues of some of his most famous characters.
  • Hiyoriyama Park – If you visit Hiyoriyama Park during the spring time, you might just be rewarded with beautiful cherry blossoms and flowers. If you walk up the stairs to the top of the hill, about a 20-minute walk, you’ll be rewarded with the most gorgeous view of the city and surrounding ocean. Don’t forget your camera!

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