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Wrangell, Alaska Cruise Port

The city and Borough of Wrangell is in the State of Alaska, U.S. The island has been inhabited for decades by the Tlingit people and their ancestors. Wrangell is among the oldest towns in the country and is the only city that has been ruled under four flags. These are namely Russia, Tlingit, America, and Britain. The area is beautiful and is known for its rainforest, glaciers, adventure, wildlife, the fun it has to offer, and numerous outdoor activities. Many visitors are attracted to the region because of its natural features and elements, and the fauna and flora among others. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Wrangell, Alaska will enjoy:
  • Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory, which is managed by the US Forest Service, is a good place to view brown and black bears eating salmon. The observatory is known to support the largest pink salmon runs that attract many bears. It offers visitors a rare wildlife viewing experience.
  • Bird watchers will be fascinated by the large variety of birds that can be seen at the Stikine River. The delta has over 100 species of migrating birds in the fall and spring. These include the Canadian geese, tundra swans, and over 140,000 shorebirds.
  • Visitors who appreciate and want to learn more about culture and history should visit the Tlingit Chief Shakes Island and Tribal House. The Chief Shakes Tribal House was recently restored and officially re-opened in 2013. It offers insight into the history of the area as well as the culture.
  • Fishing is a popular activity in Wrangell. Visiting fishermen can go for fishing including fly fishing on numerous sites at the nearby streams and lakes. All the 5 species of salmon and Halibut are some of the key fish targets that people visiting can capture.

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