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Haines, Alaska Cruise Port

Located in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle, cruising to Haines, Alaska may feel a bit like sailing into the wild. Called "The Adventure Capital of Alaska," here you can find the largest concentration of bald eagles in the world, along with the rugged backdrop that was the setting for the film White Fang, based on the Jack London book. Reality show fans also know Haines as the home of the show Gold Rush Alaska. This is a heaven for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, thanks to the mild continental subarctic climate. Originally settled by the Chilkat group of Tlingit, the first European arriving in 1880; once the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 took over, the face of the town changed drastically, leading to growth and diversity in its economy. With plenty to see and do, here are some favorite experiences while visiting the cruise port of Haines, Alaska:
  • Military history buffs will want to check out Fort William H. Seward, a nationally recognized historic site. Also called Port Chilkoot, it got its name from the man who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia. While most of the original buildings are private residences, you'll also find places to eat and galleries featuring local art.
  • To focus more on the native people of the area, visit the Haines Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center. Here you'll learn more about Tlingit art, history, and culture, and get some information about parts of Haines, such as the Eldred Rock Lighthouse.
  • The outdoor adventurer's dream come true, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is one of North America's most popular wilderness parks. Many cruise lines offer shore excursions to include the many types of tours associated with the park, which include whale watching, glacier flightseeing, and kayaking.
  • Shopping is plentiful in Haines; many shops are open year round, although some are seasonal. Here are just a few: for quality handcrafted items, there's Alaska Rod's; Bell's Store has plenty of fresh Alaskan seafood; and the Gold Spot is where you'll find jewelry made from gold nuggets, along with other Alaska-themed gifts.
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