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Toyama, Japan Cruise Port

Toyama is the capital city of the Toyama Prefecture situated in Japan. Historically, it was Etchu Province’s capital. The modern city was later incorporated on the 1st of April 1889. In October 2014, Toyama’s mountain-ringed bay was added to the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, which has been endorsed by UNESCO. It was recognized for its unique ecosystem and its natural beauty. It is the second bay in Japan that has been awarded this title. The city has a lot to offer visitors and is definitely worth visiting. It has several points of interest that visitors will enjoy exploring as well as other interesting establishments. Listed below are some of the most recommended features, elements, and attractions that visitors will enjoy after cruising to Toyama, Japan:
  • Art lovers should make their way to Toyama Suiboku Museum. It is a small museum, which is dedicated to suiboku or Japanese ink-wash paintings that have small beautiful gardens around the establishment. It has a permanent collection that encompasses works from the 19th and 20th century.
  • Tourists will have a good time at the Kaze No Bon festival. The festival is held annually in September. During the festival, the streets are mostly decorated with paper lanterns, and young people cover their faces with straw hats and dance to melancholic music.
  • Visitors should not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Botanic Gardens of Toyama. The gardens promote research and education in a bid to preserve, investigate, cultivate, and research plants. The garden has about 5,000 foreign and Japanese plant species.
  • Toyama has multiple restaurants that serve local cuisines. Sushiei is one of the best restaurants in the region. Travelers who want to taste and discover new dishes should visit the establishment. The restaurant is known mainly for the great sushi that it serves.

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