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Sakai Ko, Japan Cruise Port

The city of Sakai in the Osaka Prefecture and on the Yamato River has been one of the largest and most economically vital seaports in Japan since the medieval era. Over 100 keyhole-shaped burial grounds, or kofun, adorn the city’s topography and have done so since the 5th century. Legend has it the largest of these plots, the Daisen Kofun, belongs to Nintoku, the 16th emperor of Japan, and is the largest grave in the world, according to area. The Sakai cruise port is informally known as “Tasty Port” because of the huge amounts and high quality of never-frozen Pacific bluefin tuna and red snow crab they receive each year. The beauteous nature of the surrounding San’in Region extends to the sea and mountainside villages, as well as numerous ancient shrines. Anime and manga fans will be particularly interested in the 100 bronze statues of yokai, the monsters from the long-running series GeGeGe no Kitaro.


  • Stroll across the bright red bridge of the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine and enter the small peaceful park within which leads to smaller shrines that are just as tranquil and intricate.
  • Unwind at Spa Suminoe, a classic/modern Japanese spa experience with pools, saunas, salt baths, and a helpful staff to guide you to peak comfort.
  • Visit Daisen Park to experience a traditional Japanese-style garden. Located close to the large burial ground, Daisen Kofun, this is a most relaxing park with stunning views on all sides.
  • For a full explanation about the history and cultural significance of the more than 100 kofun, visit the Sakai City Museum for a film and various exhibits that act as a guide through the city’s culturally-rich history.

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