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Matarani, Peru Cruise Port

Part of the Interoceanic Highway connecting Peru to Brazil, you'll find the southern coastal cruise port of Matarani, Peru. Located within the country's Arequipa Region, some travelers instead head for the much larger city of Arequipa, around a two-hour drive inland. The port built replaced one at Mollendo in the Arequipa Region, and continued to gain importance in foreign trade over the years. For the last decade, the port at Matarani has been operated by Terminal Internacional del Sur (TISUR), whose focus it to keep it a bustling, successful area of commerce. Inhabited since at least 7600 B.C., the surrounding areas include much of what makes Peru famous: Mountain vistas and plenty of other nature to explore. There are also kayaking opportunities for those who enjoy water sports, and local cuisine involves plenty of spice. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Matarani, Peru:
  • As the gateway to Arequipa, you'll discover archaeological finds spanning more than 10,000 years. Predating even the ancient Inca cultures, it's a fascinating to discover how the land developed up until the Spanish arrived in the 1530s.
  • For more action, the town of Mollendo down the coast is geared more toward tourists. With beaches such as Playa Catarindo, the 13 mile trip gives additional options for fun in the sun.
  • Shopping is a popular pastime in the area, especially for baby alpaca, vicuña, and woolen items; many of the best items come from Arequipa. There are also shops that feature locally handcrafted items along with antique shops selling colonial pieces.
  • Of course, a travel to Peru includes sampling local food. If you're adventurous, try dishes such as the hot marinated pork dish known as adobo or rocoto relleno (stuffed peppers). Since beer is one of the cheapest alcoholic beverages available in Peru, it’s relatively easy to quench that thirst with some fine local brews.
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