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Sardinia, Italy Cruise Port

Located west of the Italian Peninsula, Sardinia is the second largest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea. It’s divided into four provinces with Cagliari as its largest, most visited city. Mining has taken place on Sardinia since 6,000 BC, at best estimate. Not only did they mine a wide array of precious and useful minerals over the years, there’s also evidence that the hardworking citizens were some of the earliest people to process metal. This hilly region is a great hiking opportunity to view the ancient Roman amphitheater, Pisan watchtower, and Spanish architecture—each of which show off the island’s diverse history. Castello, located atop one of the steepest hills, is an historical site featuring hundreds of stone fortresses, also called nuraghi, in various stages of preservation. Cagliari is the most modern area with a few resorts that offers fine hotels, shopping, designer boutiques, and eateries that serve both modern and traditional cuisine.


  • Learn about Sardinia’s mining history at the Su Zurfuru Mine, and while you’re there, feast your eyes on the beautiful and complex minerals.
  • Taste some of the region’s finest wines at Cantina Ligios. These fascinating and in-depth tours offer tasting for the numerous varieties and bottles are always available for purchase.
  • Stroll along the sandy coast of Cala Mariolu, a beautiful beach overlooking crystal clear waters with various rock formations on and offshore.
  • Bask at the turquoise waters that run alongside Costa Smeralda, a stretch of pristine land that’s home to a few classy resorts and numerous beaches.

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