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Syros, Greece Cruise Port

Syros Island is one of Greece’s Cyclades Islands which are located in the Aegean Sea. The port is set up in the center of the town Ermoupolis (or Ermoupoli), which makes up a small portion of the island’s roughly 22,000 inhabitants. The port town has a bustling center around the docks, as well as points of interest such as an amphitheater’s ruins, neo-classical buildings and a sea of white houses that run up and down the harbor upon layered hills. Ermoupolis’ architecture consists of some of the most fascinating structures in all of the Mediterranean. Its Apollon Theater is a miniature version of La Scala in Milan, while the churches all date back centuries, and the archeological museum explores eons of culture and life in Greece. The quaint, friendly atmosphere is balanced out by the touristy beaches that look stunning lining the shores with their deep blue depths and white crashing waves.


  • The Ermoupolis Industrial Museum shows off the machines and durable equipment that made Syros such an industrious port city. The exhibit pieces are wonderfully preserved and interesting to observe.
  • Agia Pakou is a small Catholic chapel on the hillside of Galissas. The view over the cliffs to the waters below is picturesque and peaceful and the atmosphere is serene.
  • Megas Gialos is an isolated little beach with big and small rocks mixed in with the soft sand and beautiful waterside vegetation. This oasis is a delightful spot to walk and take in the lovely scenery.
  • The Panagia Gorgona refers to a seafront area beside a beach and a masterfully carved fountain sculpture depicting a mermaid holding a fisherman; the name actually translates to “Virgin Mary the Mermaid.”

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