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Ephesus, Turkey Cruise Port

When cruising to Ephesus, Turkey expect to take a step back in time and really gain the feel of what life must have been like during the ancient times of the Romans. This city contains the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Originally created by the Ionians in the 11th century, the Romans later expanded the city. Don’t miss your chance to see this once very powerful trading and religious area on your cruise to Ephesus, Turkey. One of the Seven Wonders of the World also can be found in this great city, the Temple of Artemis. With so many historic explorations available, where do you start? Try starting with the 14th-century Turkish baths or the Isa Bey Mosque along the way to the Basilica of St. John. Don’t forget to sample some delicious food! Did you know the shish kebab is a Turkish invention? You’ll be able to find them everywhere and in a variety of different meats and vegetables. Below, we have listed a few of our other favorite things to do while cruising to Ephesus, Turkey:
  • Visit what is considered to be the last known home the Virgin Mary, where outside you will find three beautiful fountains and the wall of wishes.
  • View the largest remaining construction, the Great Theatre, built with Greek influences and then later enlarged by the Romans in order to hold 25,000 people.
  • See the Temple of Hadrian, one of the best preserved structures in the area, built in 138 AD to be dedicated to Emperor Hadrian.
  • Explore the Celsus Library, a large, detailed construction that was built as a monumental tomb to Celsus by his son.

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