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NEWHAVEN, United Kingdom Cruise Port

Located upon the mouth of the River Ouse in the South Downs, Newhaven is a small, industrious port town in East Sussex. Divided along the river, the east side of town contains the port, most of the raw industry, and a few large retail outlets. On the west bank, you can find the flashy “high street” stores as well as a number of smaller stores and local eateries. The town’s center has historical buildings from the 17th through 19th centuries, and on top of a cliff is the Newhaven Fort which was built in 1871. The fort, however, did not see military action until World War II, more than 60 years later. There are also a number of parish churches overlooking the town, including the impressive St. Michaels. This particular church’s graveyard memorializes the loss of the HMS Brazen, which crashed along Newhaven’s coast, taking 105 lives and leaving only one survivor.


  • Newhaven Fort, a Victorian era fortress, lines the town’s coast and now serves as a commons and museum. Each day, there are exhibitions, programs, and special events.
  • Appreciate the unconventional artwork at East Sussex’s Driftwood Garden. The professionally positioned plants are exquisite and fill the mind with wonder. They also serve daily tea featuring delicious cakes.
  • Take a walk along Seaford Beach, because that’s why it’s there. Not corrupted by huge crowds or commercial shops or stores, this serene getaway is ideal for relaxation.
  • For a pleasant, semi-enclosed botanical experience, visit Paradise Park. A good stop for children and adults alike, there is much information to absorb alongside strategically-placed play areas. The dinosaur exhibit ticks both boxes.

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