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Ouranoupoli, Greece Cruise Port

Ouranoupoli is a very old Greek city with a very small population—fewer than one thousand people. It was first founded in the 4th century BC by Alexarchus, the brother of Cassander, a short-lived king of Macedonia. Today, as a modern village in Chalcidice, it changed its name from Ouranopolis to Ouranoupoli, no longer big enough to be considered a city, but its name continues to mean “of the Heavens.” The quaint and friendly village lays lazily along the coast of the north-most section—or the beginning—of the Athos peninsula, which itself stretches further to become the Chalkidiki peninsula. The village also borders the Holy Mountain, also known as the state of Mount Athos. There is a long, impressive beach straddling the coast with promises of relaxing walks in the sands and freeing swims in the deep, blue waters. Some of the most famously photographed beaches are located on Ouranoupoli.


  • Ouranoupoli is often referred to as the gateway to Mount Athos, because the view of the mighty mountain is spectacular from town. With binoculars you can even see the old, intricate monasteries that exist atop the mount.
  • The Byzantine Tower of Ouranoupoli, besides being an impressive sight in and of itself, also acts as an interesting museum. The building itself is sort of small, but the historical exhibitions inside are numerous and very informative.
  • Besides being a pleasant place, perfect for photography, Alykes Beach is a long, vibrant beach filled with people, shady spots and beachside bars.
  • Drenia Island is just off Ouranoupoli’s coast and has a much more serene and quiet beach than the ones in the village proper. There are also native goats running along the shores.

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