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Nafplion, Greece Cruise Port

Located in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, you'll find the seaside cruise port with many spellings: Nafplio, Nafplion, Nauplia, or Navplion. An important seaport during the Middle Ages because of its location within the Aegean Sea's Argolic Gulf, the city changed hands several times before being made the capital of the First Hellenic Republic and of the Kingdom of Greece in 1821. While the city has been around since ancient times, not many of its artefacts remain. Today, Nafplion enjoys brisk tourism, especially from Europeans, thanks to its pleasant climate; many residents from Athens come here as a weekend getaway during the winter months. Some of the fun in exploring Nafplion – other than the multiple shopping areas with superb handcrafted items – is peeking down the city’s narrow side streets to see what unique treasures can be uncovered. Here some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Nafplio, Greece:
  • One the historic sites from the past that remains intact is Palamidi, a fortress built by the Venetians between 1711 and 1714. With a lovely view of the Argolic Gulf, the climb to the top will take some ambition; the number of steps to the very top of the castle number over 1,000.
  • The most popular walking route in town is located along the Arvanitia Promenade. Taking you from the western pier to Arvanitia Square, the stroll includes the remaining fortifications of Akronafplia Castle, the Nafplio Yacht Club, and the Palamidi Castle.
  • To explore the artefacts that have been preserved here, visit the Nafplion Archaeological Museum. Here you'll see items excavated from the general Argolis area, including Mesolithic objects, contents from several Bronze Age settlements and tombs, and a collection of Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic items.
  • Fairly close to the center of the old town, the sandy Karathona Beach sits snugly against the blue harbor waters. It’s not for those particularly seeking quiet, as it's fairly popular during the summer months. There are places at the beach to rent equipment for water sports, from diving equipment to surfboards.
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