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Opatija, Croatia Cruise Port

Cruising along the Adriatic Sea, you'll find the picturesque port of Opatija, Croatia. Located in the western part of the country southwest of Rijekam, Opatija can be found in the Gulf of Kvarner and flanked by the limestone Ucka mountain range. The town is a popular area for tourists, thanks to natural beauty and moderate temperatures year-round. Opatija's history reaches back to Roman times, with more modern history taking shape around 1844. As the area developed and became a fashionable travel area for the Austrian imperial family and nobility, it got the attention of other countries. Opatija was assigned to Italy in 1920, Yugoslavia in 1947, and then finally Croatia in 1991. Since then, tourists have been attracted to its spa hotels, mouth-watering fare from local restaurants, and the promenade that stretches along the sparkling waterfront. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Opatija, Croatia:
  • Also known as the Franz Joseph I Promenade, Lungomare is a feast for the eyes. About seven miles to walk the entire path, if you stick close to Opatija, you can still see the seaside palaces that used to be vacation homes for the rich and royal. There are lots of rocky bays and a marina along the way as well as plenty of bars and restaurants – and benches to stop for a spell.
  • The Maiden With The Seagull statue symbolizes not only the town, but the Kvarner region. She and her seagull companion wait for a loved one to come back from the sea and also greet tourists as they come into the harbor.
  • Villa Angiolina is a restored mansion originally built in 1844 by merchant Iginio Scarpa, and today houses the Croatian Museum of Tourism. The surrounding gardens (Angiolina Park) are filled with plants from around the globe, along with statues and fascinating murals along some of its walls.
  • If you walk the promenade, you'll reach the small but lovely fishing village of Volosko. Here, you'll find some small shops and lovely places to eat; a sharp contrast from the opulence that makes up parts of Opatija.
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