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Amorgos Island, Greece Cruise Port

Amorgos is the easternmost island among Greece’s Cyclades island group and is the closest island to the nearby Dodecanese islands. Because of its prominent location, the Ionians—one of ancient Greece’s four main tribes—ventured through and cultivated Amorgos on their way to the mainland. The island still holds many reminders of the ancients and other historic ruling factions, some of which is evidenced by stone towers that remain scattered throughout the isle. Ancient tombs, stone tools, vases, stone inscriptions, and other antiquities have been found and preserved over the years. In particular, the impressive size and quality of the wall around Arkesini city helps illustrates the profound historical influence on Amorgos. Hiking among the ruins is a prime tourist activity for those interested in Greek history. Contrarily, shops, cafes, and beach activities such as scuba diving are aimed at travelers who wish to experience Greece’s ideal climate and modern amenities.


  • Travel to the mountainside and be prepared for many stairs when visiting the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, a pristine example of the island’s historic architecture.
  • Venture to Chora, one of Amorgos’s most intricate towns where within some tower ruins you can find winding paths to more modern bistros and pubs.
  • Explore the gorgeous, turquoise waters at Mourou Beach, a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. If that’s not your scene, it’s also a semi-quiet place for swimming or lying in the sun.
  • The Panagia Epanochorianis is an old church in a small village that welcomes everyone, allowing you to observe the fascinating structure as well as enjoy a beautiful sunset against the horizon.

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