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Dardanelles, Turkey Cruise Port

Located in northwestern Turkey and formerly called Hellespont, the Dardanelles is a 28-mile-long natural, narrow strait that creates a partial boundary between Europe and Asia and separates Asian Turkey (Anatolia) from European Turkey (Thrace); it also connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, and is important in trade. A study in contrasts, the northern shores along the Gallipoli Peninsula have a small population, while the southern shores along the Troad include the larger city of Çanakkale. Not only does it have its roots in trade, but also in history and legend. In ancient times, the strait was originally called Hellespont in honor of a mythical Boetian princess named Helle; she sadly drowned in its waters when she fell from the ram with the Golden Fleece. With plenty to experience on its shores, here are some of our favorite experiences while cruising through the Dardanelles, Turkey:
  • Troy, of course, is where the Trojan wars of legend took place here, famously recounted by the poet Homer; the city was rediscovered in 1863, and subsequent excavations uncovered nine ancient cities stacked on top of each other dating back to 3,000 B.C. No sighting of Troy would be complete without a replica of the wooden horse that helped the Greeks bring Troy to its knees.
  • The Gallipoli Battleground became famous in April 1915 when allied soldiers from the Britain and the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) arrived to commence an offensive against the Turks. The battle raged for eight months, with more than 100,000 troops dead. Today, Gallipoli is the site of cemeteries and war memorials.
  • South of Çanakkale is the ancient city of Alexandria Troas. Founded in 310 BC, it became one of the major sea ports in the Aegean. There are plenty of historic ruins to explore, including an aqueduct, a basilica, temples, and a theater.
  • Visit Bozcaada Island for a picturesque getaway. The town has both Greek and Turkish districts, each with its own look and feel. The beaches of Ayazma or Habbele are perfect for a swim; when you're done lounging, try some of the amazing local food.
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