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Cochin, India Cruise Port

This tropical haven on the south western coast of India is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The cruise port of Cochin (Kochi), India has the perfect mix of scenery, architecture and seafood delicacies for a true getaway. The relevancy of the cruise port of Cochin (Kochi), India started back in the 14th century when spice trading boosted its economy and made it a prosperous city and a great financial hub for India. It was initially a Portuguese colony in 1503 after Portuguese traders established their base on its shores. The Dutch and English took over until India finally gained independence in 1947. Other cultural influences like that of the Chinese are seen in the way fishing nets are tied together and lined up on the shores of Cochin (Kochi).
  • There is a reason why the cruise port of Cochin (Kochi) is ranked among the best tourist destinations in India. Apart from its string of beautiful islands that create great juxtaposition between new and old India, there is an ancient Chinese fishing technique practiced among local fishermen that has clearly stood the test of time and made this port city extremely popular among tourists. These Chinese Fishing Nets are lifted from the water using ropes and huge stone weight to create the peculiar yet pleasant sight of fishing nets dotting the shoreline. Join the fisherman in hauling up the nets if you’re up for it, or purchase fresh fish from the street market and enjoy the scenic beauty, especially at sunset of this incredible place of attraction.
  • You haven’t seen the beauty and charm of Kerala; the state in which the beautiful cruise port of Cochin (Kochi) can be found, until you’ve taken a memorable ride on a houseboat across the brackish lagoons of Kerala Backwaters. There’s nothing more surreal than gazing at the sights of swaying coconut trees, birds and eagles zooming across the sky, locals performing daily chores in the water, and enjoying tasty local specials in banana leaves.
  • The Kerala Kathakali Centre in the cruise port of Cochin (Kochi) gives a glimpse of the true culture of Kerala through spectacular performances filled with well-rehearsed hand gestures and amazing facial expressions, all meant to translate various forms of ancient ritual plays in Hindu temples. Sit through a performance of the martial art of Kalarippayat, traditional music or the classical dance and walk away with a much better understanding of the traditional Indian dances and performances developed in Kerala dating back to the 2nd century.

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