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Sabang, Indonesia Cruise Port

Within the sparkling Andaman Sea is Weh Island, where you'll find the exotic cruise port of Sabang, Indonesia. Not only is Sabang a city, but also a municipality that's comprised of one main island and several smaller ones near the northern end of Sumatra. Weh Island (also Pulau Weh or Pulo Weh) is also called Sabang by the locals and is known for its diverse ecosystem. With the economy focused on agriculture (especially cloves and coconuts) and fishing, there's also a large protected area for wildlife that extends into the sea. Sabang has been an important port since the 19th century, when the Dutch East Indies government opened a quay for ships to dock and to enter the busy shipping route in the Malacca Strait. Today, ecotourism, diving, hiking, and beach resorts are extremely popular. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Sabang, Indonesia:
  • Located on the harbor side is Sabang's "downtown," with rows of small shops. Head up the hill to find a Japanese bunker (as the Japanese occupied the island during World War II) that has seen been converted into a park. There are also historic buildings that line the street, with plenty of markers explaining points of interest.
  • Boat tours to nearby Rubiah Island will let you snorkel and dive near its famous coral reefs. There's also a plethora of colorful fish in the waters. Enterprising vendors sell noodles to tourists to feed the fish, although you might enjoy them further out and away from other vacationers.
    Cross Sabang Bay to get to Iboih, which has a lovely white sand beach, plenty of dive schools, and a great selection of restaurants. If you need an ATM, this is also the place to go, as Sabang doesn't have one.
  • About nine miles south is the place for geology buffs, namely, the Jaboi Geothermal Spot. Thanks to the volcanic activity on the island, this is a prime location to watch fumaroles emitting steam and gas. When you're done, take a scenic walk through the hills and see how many monkeys you can spot.

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