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Pointe des Galets, Reunion Island Cruise Port

The port at Pointe des Galets is often referred to as simply Le Port. The extraction point is located on the northwestern side of Reunion Island and larger ships dock right in the Indian Ocean as opposed to the shallow portside. The entire cape of Pointe des Galets is occupied by Le Port’s welcoming town center. Reunion is a French satellite island off the coast of Africa with a population of almost 870,000. Like France’s other four overseas departments, Reunion is among the eighteen administrative regions of France. Cruisers can take buses from port cape to the centralized downtown area, or if they prefer, to one of the many local markets that are located along the bus routes. There is an active volcano on the island’s southern coast, as well as seventeen continuous miles of beach running up and down the island’s west coast.


  • Reunion is a birdwatcher’s paradise because it is a tropical locale where many species flock to and sometimes nest. The white-tailed tropicbird, giant albatrosses, herons and egrets are among the wide array of avian species.
  • The Reunion National Park covers over forty percent of the island, has special ecosystems with stunning flora and fauna, and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.
  • Thrill-seekers also flock to Reunion for specialized adventures that include hiking the island’s unique “cirques” to kayaking over and around Reunion’s many waterfalls.
  • Scuba divers and deep sea fishers are often dazzled by the wide variety of marine life which includes sea urchins, eels, unique fish, sea turtles, a few species of sharks and humpback whales.

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