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Galle, Sri Lanka Cruise Port

Galle is one of the major cities in Sri Lanka. It lies on the Southwestern headland, about 119 kilometers from Colombo. The city is the administrative capital of Sri Lanka's Southern Province and also serves as the district capital of Galle District. The city covers an area of 16.52 km2, making it the fifth largest city in Sri Lanka. The population of Galle is made up of about 99,478 people as records from 2011 indicate. In the 14th and 15th century, the city served as the island's main port before the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century. However, the city developed most in the eighteenth century due to fortifications constructed by the Dutch after they colonized it. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities to enjoy after cruising to Galle, Sri Lanka:
  • One of the highly recommended activities is taking a leisurely evening walk along the top of Galle Fort's walls. This walk allows visitors to learn more about the city's colonial history and architecture, and gives a person the opportunity to interact with locals and enjoy views of the old town.
  • Visitors interested in the city's religious and historical details should visit the Dutch Reformed Church. It was originally built in 1640 but the current building dates back to 1755. The site holds Dutch gravestones in and around the structure making it an eerie yet unique experience.
  • Another interesting activity is paying a visit to the Marine Archeological Museum. The museum's exhibits include numerous videos and interactive displays that showcase the city's maritime history, which includes details of some of the shipwrecks that occurred in the city's surrounding waters.
  • On the East side of the Galle Fort, there lays a beautiful and peaceful beach. The Lighthouse Beach is ideal for those visitors who want to relax and bask under the city's sun. The surrounding waters also offer the opportunity to go for a relaxing swim.
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