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Mahe, Seychelles Islands Cruise Port

When dreaming of tranquility in a serene and idyllic destination, think the cruise port of Mahe, Seychelles! This archipelago in the Indian Ocean, located about a thousand miles off the eastern coast of Africa is the perfect getaway for weddings, anniversaries, family-reunions and pure adventure. The port city of Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles with 86% of the country’s population calling it home. You can’t afford to miss out on its spectacular beaches, picturesque adventure spots and the “do-nothing” relaxation havens. From beach hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking to hiking, rock climbing and a host of other activities, your cruise to Mahe, Seychelles is sure to be a memorable one.
Get ready for endless lifetime memories you are sure to create in these thrilling places of attractions while cruising to Mahe, Seychelles:
  • Paradise awaits you on the incredibly stunning Anse Intendance. This beach is top rated and indisputably one of the most wide-acclaimed destinations in the country. Treat yourself to the best nature can offer by burying your foot in white powdery sands while taking a long stroll down the shore of crystal clear turquoise waters and watching turtles nest their eggs. Consider this a private invitation to the best beach lounging of your life.
  • Using the Morne Seychellois National Park as a starting point, begin your hike up the famous Morne Blanc, a 2,188ft mountain peak that provides a panoramic view of the island and beyond. The views up this summit are dazzling and well worth the moderately challenging trek. Trail through the mist forest where caves and holes are highly camouflaged, and most surfaces are covered by lichens, mosses and ferns.
  • For a taste of the local culture, head out to the vibrant Victoria Market. In the stalls you will find fresh vegetables, meat, homemade creole chilli sauce and the unadulterated aroma distinct to the cruise port of Mahe, Seychelles.
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