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Khasab, Oman Cruise Port

If the thought of cruising to the "Norway of Arabia" is an intriguing one, then the port of Khasab, Oman on the Strait of Hormuz will thrill those who love mountains and fjord-like inlets – only in a hot desert climate. Built by the Portuguese during the 17th century, Khasab's natural and sheltering harbor was a boon for their navy, who used it as a supply point. Although isolated for a long time in its past, this state capital of the Musandam peninsula does border the United Arab Emirates, and it became a popular weekend spot for visitors from the UAE after a modern coast road was constructed. Along with 21st-century shopping and dining, visitors can step into yesteryear in the nearby village of Tawi nearby, where you can examine prehistoric drawings on the rocks. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Khasab, Oman:
  • For nature at its finest, there are the Oman Fjords. The fjords, or khors, are a magnificent geological feature of Khasab; if you take a tour by dhow (a traditional sailing vessel popular in the area), you can also swim and snorkel.
  • There are multiple tours that will take you to Telegraph Island or around the waters of the Musandam to find dolphins. Unlike some marine tours that might be hit or miss when it comes to actually spotting the animals, dolphins are common here and tend to put in an appearance.
  • For more outdoor adventures, take a mountain safari to Jebel Harim, or Mountain of Women (6,847 feet above sea level). Especially lovely when the flowers are in bloom, you can either rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle or take an organized tour through the rocky desert hills.
  • For insight into old Omani culture, visit the Khasab Castle which was built by the Portuguese during their occupation of the area. Used both as a residence and prison in the past, it's now a museum with a plethora of artefacts; you'll also see three old boats from the village of Kamzar in the castle yard.
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