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Manzanillo, Mexico Cruise Port

Not content to be set on just one scenic bay, the cruise port of Manzanillo, Mexico is set on two: Bahía de Manzanillo and Bahía de Santiago. This Pacific Ocean paradise is located within the Mexican state of Colima and is called the "Sailfish Capital of the World." Its fishing competitions have been famous since 1957, and tourism also brings in many national and international travelers. The city was founded by Spanish conquistador Gonzalo de Sandoval in 1522, while he was searching for sites to build ships. The area also attracted pirates for years; eventually, things settled down and Manzanillo was made an official port of entry to Mexico in 1908; today, it’s Mexico’s busiest. With its tropical savanna climate, warm waters, and amazing beaches, the city is a haven for lovers of outdoor sports. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Manzanillo, Mexico:
  • Of course, with Manzanillo the site for many activities that involve bathing suits, beaches are among the most popular attractions. Some of the most visited are Playa La Audiencia, which has calmer waters; Playa Miramar, with multiple vendors and places to eat; and Playa Las Brisas with its tropical vegetation along the coast. Most beaches rent items ranging from umbrellas to snorkeling equipment.
  • The downtown area known as El Centro includes a mile-long boardwalk; not only can you explore the plaza for food and handcrafted items, but also take the requisite photo with the large, blue sailfish statue that graces the waterfront.
  • Take a trip by boat out to Manzanillo Bay to get the best views looking in, or stroll along its beaches to watch the other boats sail by. If you rent a boat, you can do some diving and see underwater treasures, like tropical fish and colorful coral.
  • To get away from some of the crowds, take a jaunt to the quaint fishing village of Barra de Navidad (about 36 miles north of Manzanillo). While promoted as a tourist area, it's still a lot quieter than Manzanillo, focusing on good food, clean beaches, and providing inexpensive boat tours.
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