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Puerto Montt, Chile Cruise Port

Graced with spectacular scenery of snow-capped volcanic cone of Mt. Osorno gazing down on alpine valleys, celestial glacial lakes, lush jungle ferns, hot springs and mountainous national parks, the cruise port of Puerto Montt is the best gateway for cruises southward into Chile. Founded by German colonists in 1853, early German settlers in the city created a legacy by building homes with architectural patterns following 19th century European designs with well-manicured rose gardens that still give this city a unique feel. Walk along its waterfront road with small cafés, try fly fishing in the Puelo River, go trekking and horseback riding or check out the stunning waterfalls in Lake District.
Book one or more of these shore excursions on your cruise to Puerto Montt, Chile:
  • The pristine snow covering the slopes and summit of Volcan Osorno is a spectacular sight. As a symbol of the local landscape and an icon of Lake District in the cruise port of Puerto Montt, Chile, this dormant volcano reaches a height of 2,661 meters above sea level and is often compared to Mt. Fuji based on its perfect symmetry. It’s a typical postcard-ready attraction for Puerto Montt and mesmerizes in all its glory. Take a chairlift to ascend to the highest point available and experience its gigantic splendor.
  • At the western edge of the cruise port of Puerto Montt, Chile is a market for feasting on the region’s renowned seafood, especially at eateries that offer pleasant views of brightly colored fishing boats at anchor. At Angelmo, you can sample different types of seafood including fresh fish hanging from hooks at the fishmongers, shellfish, mussel and many others. The colorful stalls display a diversity of fish and you will be given the chance to cook fresh seafood for yourself if you’re up for it.
  • Located in front of the main plaza in the city center is a rare exception of wooden delight in a port city not known for fine architecture. Catedral de Puerto Montt was one of the only buildings to survive the 1960 earthquake in Chile; the largest earthquake recorded in the 20th century, and holds beautiful paintings and sculptures. Stop by for a quick photo opportunity.

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