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Ducie Island, United Kingdom Cruise Port

The small isolated atoll of Ducie Island, United Kingdom which is halfway between New Zealand and South America is one of the most remote uninhabited islands on Earth. As part of the Pitcairn Islands, the cruise port of Ducie Island, has wildlife that is relatively unaffected by man's presence. Your unforgettable sea voyage to this volcanic island situated in the southern Pacific Ocean will lead you to magnificent landscapes, untouched subtropical environs, sparse vegetation and breathtaking coral reefs. History has it that a Portuguese sailor by the name of Pedro Fernandes de Queiros first discovered Ducie and Henderson islands in 1606, but in 1791 British explorers re-discovered Ducie Island and claimed it as a territory of the United Kingdom. While cruising to Ducie Island, you’ll be left in awe of the over 500,000 seabirds ranging from White Terns and Murphy's Petrels to Great Frigate birds and Masked Boobies, 138 fish species and more than 90% of the world population of Murphy's petrel nesting on the island. The cruise port of Ducie Island is a must-see for adventurers seeking truly remote horizons to explore. Below are the best ways to witness the island’s beauty and charm:
  • Bird watching: The 15 inch long Murphy's petrel is a rare and somewhat enigmatic species of gadfly petrel. Watch these beautiful creatures fly in high, steep, wheeling arcs under strong winds. They usually nest on the ground in shallow scrapes under trees, cliff cavities, shrubs or low vegetation and migrate to the north and east Pacific outside of their breeding season.
  • Beach Day: Over 100 miles from Henderson and well over 200 miles from Pitcairn, the clear pristine waters of Ducie Island is a popular tourist attraction which is perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy the sight of equally amazing corals surrounding the lagoon and bright-hued parrotfish feeding off the coral beds. Seek out the 1881 wreckage of the mail ship Acadia that lies offshore from the memorial stone in about 10 meters of water.
  • Explore: Take time to admire nature at its best on a casual stroll around the island. The natural wealth of Ducie Island remains largely unknown, but it takes adventurers like you to unearth it. See beyond what lies ahead and dare to create your own expedition story.

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