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Agats, Indonesia Cruise Port

Agats, Indonesia resides in Papua in a small province of Indonesia. The Asmats live completely off the natural environment with a very simple way of life. They are most well-known for their woodcarvings sought by collectors all over the world. The total Asmat population is estimated to be around 70,000 inhabitants, leaving Agats, Indonesia as a smaller escape providing visitors with an intimate feel. The Museum Kebudayaan dan Kemajuan Asmat has a very good collection of local art and artifacts for travelers to browse while cruising to Agats, Indonensia. There are also a few markets, mosques, tribal monuments and shops to wander through. Most of the streets in town are raised boardwalks because of the large tides, and these allow for walkers and motorcycles to still pass. When cruising to the small town of Agats, Indonesia, here are a few of our favorite things to do:

  • Walk through the various markets, shops, mosques and tribal monuments along the town’s raised boardwalks.
  • Browse the Museum Kebudayaan dan Kemajuan Asmat to see the local art and woodcrafts, as well as ancient artifacts, on display.
  • Watch as the locals carve wood into canoes, figures and many other items. Their incredible handicrafts are well-sought for a reason!
  • Reflect on the simple ways of life practiced by Asmats, from their treehouses to their cuisine.
  • Sample the local cuisine, consisting mostly of delicious fresh fish.

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