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Ashmore Reef, Australia Cruise Port

Ashmore Reef, located in the Indian Ocean, 630 km north of Broome and 110 km south of the Indonesian island of Rote, is a captivating sanctuary for diverse marine life. Encompassing 583 square kilometers, the Reef boasts depths from 15 to 500 meters and is predominantly a Sanctuary Zone, ensuring top-tier environmental protection. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of coral reefs, lagoons, sand flats, and seagrass meadows, teeming with a remarkable variety of marine life. Recognized as a Ramsar site, it serves as a crucial breeding and migratory habitat for around 100,000 seabirds annually. Ashmore Reef offers a unique and invaluable experience for nature enthusiasts, with its hosting of migratory shorebirds and nesting grounds for green turtles.
  • Scenic Views: Take pleasure in the breathtaking views of Ashmore Reef Marine Park's coral reefs, lagoons, and islands—an abode for seabirds, turtles, dugongs, and more.
  • Expedition-style Cruise:Participate in an exciting expedition-style cruise to Ashmore Reef and witness the extraordinary spectacle of numerous migratory shorebirds and breeding seabirds.
  • Dynamic Marine Life: Dive or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Ashmore Reef, discovering the vibrant and diverse marine life, including hard and soft corals, sponges, fish, and sharks.
  • Cultural and Historical Insights: Explore the history and culture of traditional Indonesian fishers who, under a Memorandum of Understanding with Australia, enjoy access to Ashmore Reef.
  • Exploration of Historic Wrecks: Investigate the remnants of the Pandora and Quetta, historic wrecks from the 19th century near Ashmore Reef, and observe the artifacts and marine life inhabiting these underwater relics.

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