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Yasawa, Fiji Cruise Port

The Yasawa Group is an archipelago, which comprises of about 20 volcanic islands in Fiji. The area is known to be remote and rugged. The region has grown over the years and has become a popular tourist destination. Seaplanes, cruise ships, and ferries drop tourists on a daily basis, who travel to the region to have fun and to explore its natural features and elements. The area does not have any banks, cars, shops, and roads. Most of the locals live in small villages and they mostly rely on tourism and agriculture for their income. Some of the resorts are committed to helping the community from revenue that is generated through tourism. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Yasawa, Fiji will enjoy:
  • Adventurers and swimmers should make sure that they go to the Sawa-i-Lau Cave. At the cave, people can swim in a natural pool. People who are more courageous and looking for a rare experience can also swim through an underwater passage that leads to an adjoining chamber.
  • Travelers Tea House is a simple café made up of plastic tablecloths and benches. Although it cannot be regarded as fancy it offers a stunning view of the region. A person can enjoy the view while sipping a cup of delicious tea and enjoying homemade cakes.
  • One of the best beaches in the region is the Blue Lagoon. It is immensely popular in the region and visitors will not be disappointed by what it has to offer. It is the perfect destination for divers, snorkelers, swimmers, and people looking for a good spot to relax.
  • The region is known for many good diving spots. A good dive spot in the area is Lekima’s Ledge. It is located just off Vawa Island. Novice divers will have a thrilling, exciting, and fun time at the dive spot.

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