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Pio Xi (Bruggen) Glacier Cruise Port

Chile’s Pio Xi Glacier, often referred to as Bruggen Glacier, is in the southern part of the country, located within Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. Because of its southern location and a myriad of other factors, Pio Xi is the only remaining glacier in the world that grows instead of recedes. Its rate of growth is around fifty meters in height, length, and density per day. It’s roughly as large as the nearby town of Santiago, Chile which is almost 800 square miles around, and is, of course, the biggest glacier in South America. The structure offers a unique view of its own landscape whether you view it from a boat or, if weather and tour parameters permitting, you’re standing on top of it. This outstanding glacier is best viewed between October and March, but no matter when you decide to visit, rain and/or snow are likely.


  • If the weather conditions allow tour groups to embark onto the actual glacier, it is an incredible place to hike with rough and ever-changing terrain.
  • The Bernardo O’Higgins National Park spans over eight and a half million acres and is by far the largest protected area in Chile. It’s only accessible by boat or helicopter.
  • While Pio Xi is the most visited sight in the entirety of the park, there are numerous smaller glaciers that many guided tours explore and discover, along with the enormous showstopper.
  • Sea kayaking is a popular activity within the park and gives some of the more adventurous tourists the opportunity to view some glaciers in a more intimate setting.

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