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Surabaya, Java, Indonesia Cruise Port

The cruise port of Surabaya, Java, Indonesia is known as the gateway to a world of wonders, mostly based on the magnificent architectural structures built during the different colonial eras. You will notice the difference in pace, culture and social customs and traditions as you move around the various neighborhoods that make up this impressive cruise destination. The cultural charms and abundant history in the cruise port of Surabaya can be attributed to the rise and fall of several empires that together, make the city a cultural melting pot. From large Chinatown to Buddhist temples, Arab quarters and disintegrating Dutch buildings, you are sure to get a different vibe on every corner you turn.
Check out these great attractions while cruising to Surabaya, Java, Indonesia:
  • Sampoerna Museum, a well- preserved historical site in the older part of the cruise port of Surabaya functions as one of the city’s best-presented attractions with its 19th century Dutch colonial-style architecture. The production plant for Dji Sam Soe cigarettes is pretty much the highlight of the museum, where a bird’s-eye view of the factory floor with countless female workers hand rolling, trimming and packing the products will leave you quite impressed. There’s also an art gallery where the use of cloves for the cigarettes and history of kretek is excellently exhibited.
  • The tall minaret, exquisite bright blue and green mosaic titles on the pyramid-looking roof and dome, and variation in the architectural structure are only a few of the eye-catching features of the Grand Mosque of Surabaya (Masjid Al Akbar). This attraction in the cruise port of Surabaya is the largest mosque in East Java and the biggest of its kind in South-East Asia. It’s a 21st century masterpiece showcasing stylish religious structural design and layout.
  • Ancient myth has it that Surabaya derived its name from a combination of the words shark (suro) and crocodile (boyo); two aquatic animals that fought to gain power in the age-old territory of Surabaya city. After calling a truce for a period of time and later resuming their power tussle, crocodile gained victory over the inland of Surabaya, leaving shark to flee to the open seas. This well-documented local folk etymology is featured in the fascinating Suroboyo Monument of the two animals entangled with each other in Surabaya Zoo.
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