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Sanya, China Cruise Port

Cruise through the sparkling Sanya Harbor until you reach Hainan Island, where you'll find the bustling port of Sanya, China at the island’s southern tip. Nestled between China and Vietnam, Hainan is China's smallest and most southernmost province and is found within the South China Sea. Sanya dates back to the Qin Dynasty (between 221 and 206 BCE), which served as a place of exile, thanks to its distance from the mainland. It has become an extremely popular tourist spot, with upscale hotels, temples, and water sport possibilities in abundance. Outdoor activities are a year-round pursuit. Thanks to the area's tropical climate and long stretches of sandy beaches, some even call the city “China’s Hawaii.” You may also remember Sanya as the first leg of the torch relay during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Sanya, China:
  • One of the best beaches can be found at Yalong Bay (also known as Asian Dragon Bay), a haven for swimmers and snorkelers. Check out the nearby Butterfly Valley to see various species of butterflies from China and other countries.
  • The Nanshan Temple was built to commemorate two thousand years of Buddhism in China. You'll first spot the Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya statue rising into the sky at a height of around 443 feet. Inside the temple are Tang Dynasty replicas, more statues, and a viewing terrace where you can gaze at the sea.
  • About 13 miles west is Tianya Haijiao, a popular tourist and honeymoon spot mentioned in several Chinese poems. There's an ongoing sentiment that couples who come here will never part. Keep an eye out for the Prehistoric Shell Museum and the Rocks of Sun and Moon, which look like a pair, locked in an embrace.
  • Archaeology buffs will want to see the karst Luobi Cave, where there are inscriptions carved into the walls that possibly date back to the Yuan Dynasty (between 1271 and 1368). Legend has it that if you touch one of the cave's stalactites, you'll become a talented writer.

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