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Nagoya, Japan Cruise Port

Nagoya, Japan offers its guests a little bit of traditional customs mixed with modern influences – a juxtaposition that helps set this centrally located Japanese city apart. With a dynamic shopping district, incredible beaches, nearby mountains and the Nagoya Castle, there is surely something here for everyone to enjoy. The Nagoya Castle was built in 1612 and then almost completely destroyed during World War II attacks. It was rebuilt in 1959 and can now be viewed with an exhibition room featuring annual events, such as the cherry blossom festival. For an exciting exhibition hall, make sure to visit the Toyota Techno Museum to see the history of this Japanese car manufacturer. When cruising to Nagoya, Japan, make sure to check out some of the following sites and to-dos:

  • Automobile buffs, check this out! You can explore the Toyota Techno Museum to see the history of Japan’s leading automobile manufacturer.
  • Explore Nagoya’s night life in this incredible city that features taverns, mini-theaters and live music performances.
  • Sample Nagoya’s local Japanese cuisine, where every region of Japan features a different type of fare.
  • Shop for bargains at Nagoya’s downtown scene, where you can find both mainstream and local options.
  • View the Nagoya Castle and its many surviving relics that were built by the first of the Tokugawa Shogun family.

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