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Haikou, China Cruise Port

The intriguing nickname of "Coconut City" goes to the cruise port of Haikou, China. Located on the island province of Hainan on the Nandu River, this capital city faces mainland China across the Qiongzhou Strait. More than half of the island's trade goes through the port here, with agricultural items and livestock among the main exports. Although it’s a modern-looking city of around 2,050 residents, there exits an old town quarter which combines Portuguese, French, and Southeast Asian influences within its architecture. Back to that nickname: Where did it come from? The city's large Evergreen Park contains approximately 10,000 coconut trees, and the downtown streets are also lined with coconut palms. Food lovers will appreciate the fresh seafood, along with other unique dishes, such as Wenchang chicken, Dongshan mutton, and Jiaji duck. For history, sightseeing, and beaches, here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Haikou, China:
  • Thanks to Haikou's long coastline, there is an abundance of beaches and resorts, with Holiday Beach as the most popular. Located along Binhai Road, there are separate zones so you can pick what you like to do most, including sea sports, food, or relaxation. While swimming, keep an eye out for the kissing fish, which may gently nibble your toes.
  • Look for the statue at the front gate to find the aptly named Golden Bull Mountain Ridge Park. Located on Haixiu Road, this public park in the middle of the city includes a cemetery, lake, small zoo, and diverse flora (including a large bamboo forest). The charming legend associated with the park tells of a fairy bull that appeared during drought, summoning the winds and rain.
  • For more of the area's history, visit the Hainan Provincial Museum on Guoxing Avenue. There’s an extensive collection of 20,000 cultural relics and multimedia pieces divided into approximately 20 thematic exhibitions.
  • On the south side of the Haidian River is some of Haikou’s most interesting shopping. Bo'ai Road is a stylistic mix of European, Indian, and Arabic influences. The western portion is where you can find items like exotic foods, spices, fabrics, and wholesale toys.
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