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Semarang, Java, Indonesia Cruise Port

While cruising to the Far East, a very unique port city on the island of Java, Indonesia will grab your attention. Don’t ignore it, explore it! The cruise port of Semarang, Java is not your typical port of call for tourist-related activities. More than anything, it’s a very busy administrative and trading city with a booming economy. In the 17th century, it was known for its significant import and export of spices, but later transitioned into a passenger port when travelling by sea became prevalent. What makes the cruise port of Semarang an adventurous destination is not the topography, colonial architecture, industrial estates or beautiful houses on the hills, but a journey to discover the overlap in culture and tradition from colonial influences and centuries of overseas Chinese migration.
With plenty to explore while cruising to Semarang, Java, Indonesia, these places of attraction are only a highlight of the amazing sights to encounter:
  • Gedung Lawang Sewu is a highly important landmark in the cruise port of Semarang, Java, Indonesia mostly for its impressive colonial style architecture and ghost-haunting tales widespread among locals. Initially used by the Dutch as a railway company, it was taken over by the Japanese after invading Indonesia in 1942. The Indonesian army later regained ownership during the war of independence, and it currently stands as a cultural property. Gedung Lawang Sewu has seen its fair share of dark moments, adding to its appeal and interest among history buffs.
  • The magnificent red color of Sam Poo Kong Temple (Gedung Batu) with its triple-layered pagoda-style roof makes this Indonesian treasure difficult to miss! First built as a prayer site in the 15th century by a Chinese Muslim Explorer named Admiral Cheng Ho, this temple currently functions as a place of worship for various religious groups in the cruise port of Semarang and Indonesia at large, mainly Buddhists, Taoists and Muslims.
  • What better way to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture than treating your taste buds to great Southeast Asian delicacies while on your cruise to Semarang. Try a deep fried Loenpia, the signature dish of Semarang, or deep fried banana and cassava. For the more daring tasters, Kerupuk Rambak and rabbit meat on skewers will be your best bet!
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