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Jakarta, Java, Indonesia Cruise Port

When under Dutch control in the 1600s, Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia, was known as the Queen of the East and was headquarters for the Dutch East Indian Trading Company. This was a time of great wealth in the city. Since then, Jakarta has come under the rule of several countries, including England and Japan. Now the city is a bustling and bright combination of sounds, smells and peoples. Here you’ll see giant sky scrapers and old colonial buildings. Here are a few things to enjoy on your trip to Jakarta, the Queen of the East:

  • Get an overview of all 30 provinces of Indonesia at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah theme park. This is like Disneyworld’s Epcot Center in the U.S. where each section of the park represents the different culture, cuisine and peoples of Indonesia.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of Jakarta when you go to the top of Monas, the national monument. This 422-foot marble obelisk is topped with a gold foil flame.
  • Enjoy the art of Indonesia at the National Gallery of Indonesia, which features nearly 2,000 works form this country’s artists.
  • Visit a bird market to see spectacularly colorful birds that are for sale. 

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