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Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu Cruise Port

Espiritu Santo, Spanish for the Holy Spirit, is the largest island in the Republic of Vanuatu, a Pacific Island archipelago nation consisting of 83 islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The island’s area is over 1,500 square miles and its population is well over 40,000. Because of the many historic shipwrecks that occurred over the years, and also on account of the many phenomenal reefs to explore, the waters around the island are a popular destination for experienced divers. Luganville, also known as simply Santo, comprises most of the southeast coast of Espiritu Santo and contains the second-largest port in all of Vanuatu. It’s an extremely busy seaport used for import and export of national resources while welcoming a number of passenger cruise ships. The island’s many beaches are welcoming with their white sands and clear waters, and the west side of the island has a number of interesting caves worthy of exploration.


  • The Millennium Cave is a cavernous beauty that offers numerous tours which include a boat ride, wading through shallow waters and tethered rock climbing.
  • Champagne Beach is known by locals as the loveliest on the entire island. The views of other islands from the relaxing shores make this popular haunt a soulful, picturesque locale.
  • Visit Nanda Blue Hole for a one of a kind view deep down into the great ocean. Because the water is so clear and blue, the view from the hole is visible up to 20 meters deep.
  • The SS President Coolidge is one of the many shipwrecks deep below the surface. Divers visit this monumental ship during the day or at night—both very different experiences.

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