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Fremantle, Australia Cruise Port

Cruise from Fremantle, Australia with a beautiful send off from its gorgeous stretch of beaches while local art and music fill the sidewalks. Starting or ending a cruise in Fremantle is perfect because you only need a day to fall in love with the local music, art and beaches. Whether you choose to dive with the dolphins or to just explore the city, it is sure to leave an impression. Stop by a local café or bar to have fresh fish and chips while listening to the buskers playing from the sidewalks. Make sure to stroll through the famous food markets in Fremantle before departing on your cruise to Australia or Asia. Here are some of the other great to-do’s in beautiful Fremantle, Australia:

  • Check out some of the modern and funky Australian fashion designs. Young and independent designers are making a name for themselves at around 50 boutiques in the market.
  • Head over to one of the beaches and dive with the dolphins or relax and soak in the sunshine.
  • Enjoy Fremantle's 'Cappuccino Strip', Wray Avenue and South Terrace where there are lively restaurants or visit micro-breweries offering an unbelievable range of tasty amber ales.
  • Explore Fremantle Prison, one of Western Australia’s premier tourist attractions, which is carved from limestone overlooking the whole town.
  • Walk or bicycle around the southern coast of Fremantle near the sparkling waters and white sandy beaches.

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