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St. Lucia, Caribbean Cruise Port

The island of St. Lucia is a favorite among Caribbean cruisers, and they aren’t the only ones. This coveted island with its tall mountains, volcanoes and lush rainforest was fought over seven times by the British and French, resulting in a country heavily influenced by both. Today the independent nation offers travelers beautiful landscapes like the mountainous Pitons, relaxing beaches and the drive-in volcano in Soufriere. Highlighted below are some of the best experiences to be had when cruising to St. Lucia:
  • Zip line through the lush jungle. Just a half hour from the capital city of Castries, you can have an amazing adventure zipping through the canopy, touching trees that produce frankincense.
  • Climb the Gros Piton, one of two spectacular mountains in Soufriere. Gros Piton has a trail that leads you up this stunning mountain that is 2,619 feet high.
  • Visit a drive-in volcano in Sulfur Springs where you will see pools of bubbling water where minerals create magnificent colors. This incredible experience offers you a chance to get very close to the hot water.
  • Sneak a peek at the avian life at the Millet Bird Sanctuary. Here you’ll find the local parrot and warbler, and you’ll also be able to walk through a 2-mile trail that takes you through the forest and atop hills.

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