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Cassis, France Cruise Port

Cassis is a commune that is located in France. It is a popular tourist destination which attracts thousands of tourists each year. It is popular for its calanques which are sheltered inlets and cliffs. The wines of the region are white and rose. In the 18th century, Cassis started developing around the port and fortified city. After the Bourbon Restoration, many new industries developed. These included coral work, drying of cod, wine-making, the manufacture of clothing and oil, and the exploitation of local cement. The stone of Cassis was quarried at the region since antiquity and contributed to making the town famous. In the 20th century, as the industries started disappearing, the labor force turned to wine making and tourism. Below are some of the features that have made the town famous and make it worth it to take a cruise to Cassis port:
  • Cassis has rocky coves and some slivers of beach. Some of them are easily accessible and others are secluded. All of them are spots that are beautiful, and good for a dip in the clear waters. The Plage de la Grande Mer is a popular beach at the region.
  • There are many interesting and fun activities that people can take part in at Cassis. These include cycling, hiking and rock climbing. Rock climbers from different countries across the globe go to the region to climb the white cliffs of the calanques.
  • Cassis is well known for its magnificent buildings some of which have rich history. There are several nice buildings such as The Bibliotheque Municipale de Cassis and Church of Saint Michel that are worth visiting. The buildings add to the appeal of the area.
  • Cassis is well known for its good food and fine dining establishments. There are multiple restaurants in the region that offer impeccable services. Restaurants such as La Villa Madie and Le Passage give visitors the chance to eat delicious local dishes.
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