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Praia, Cape Verde Cruise Port

Located 300 miles off the coast of West Africa, you will find the small town of Praia, Cape Verde. Praia, meaning “beach” in Portuguese, is the capital and largest city of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean founded in 1615 by Portuguese settlers. The capital city is settled along a plateau offering beautiful views out into the ocean. Ancient buildings and monuments demonstrate its rich history and unique cultural feel. Its culture can be described as unique because of the melting pot that exists on this island. You can find sandy beaches, mountains and broad dry treeless areas, as well as abundantly rich valleys and plateaus. In a valley near Assomada, you can view the oldest and largest tree of Cape Verde, a kapok tree rising 40 meters tall and is almost 500 years old! With the exception of the bat, there are no any other native mammals on Cape Verde! This is because there was originally no animal life on the islands. Below, is a list of our favorite things to do while cruising to the Cape Verde islands and the capital city of Praia:
  • Shop in the market that contains local crafts such as pottery, weaving, crocheted blankets, woodworking and embroidery.
  • Sample a stew consisting of mashed maize, onions, green bananas, manioc, sweet potatoes, squash, yams, tomatoes, cabbage and bacon. This is considered the island’s national dish.
  • Try out some windsurfing, known for its perfectly surf winds, Praia is a great spot to learn!
  • Relax, stretch out, sunbathe and unwind on the comfortable beach chairs along the beautiful beaches surrounded by turquoise waters.
  • The waters are also perfect for scuba diving, deep fishing and exploring the colorful fish through a submarine.

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