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Qingdao, China Cruise Port

The cruise port of Qingdao, China, also known as Tsingtao in Mandarin means the “Green Island”. As a small town at the tip of a slender peninsula, Qingdao proudly boasts of one of the finest harbors in East Asia, and the second largest brewery in China. Ancient settlers have inhabited the land for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1898 that the modern Qingdao was established. Never considered a German colony, the cruise port of Qingdao, China remained Imperial Germany’s military stronghold for years, resulting in the magnificent European buildings still acting as places of attraction for world travelers. While cruising to Qingdao, China, stop by these amazing points of interest to experience the cultural diversity that has shaped this exceptional cruise destination:
  • Qingdao Beer Museum - Learn about the history of beer culture in China while sampling unfiltered beer in this phenomenal German-crafted, Chinese-perfected brewery. This must-see attraction gives an interesting glimpse into the origination of the museum and the mark left by German presence that is evident in its successful operation.
  • The refreshing and challenging hike with well-marked routes in the Laoshan Scenic Area is ideal for relaxation and reflection. Viewing the sea scape along the way with gorgeous granite boulder stones springing up in unexpected places makes this a pleasant attraction. Find your way to the summit with a convenient cable car, or climb miles of stairs to hundreds of temples that make for a beautiful photographic backdrop.
  • The scenic spot in Zhanqiao pier can easily be defined as the landmark of the cruise port of Qingdao, China. A gorgeous Chinese style pavilion sits close to the edge of the 1444-foot bridge, giving a significant contrast to the elegant European style architecture found in every corner of the city. Feeding seagulls with bread and watching the spectacular sunset at night on the illuminated platform is the highlight of this attraction.

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