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Tianjin (Beijing), China Cruise Port

Tianjin is just 75 miles from Beijing, so it offers cruisers a quiet retreat from the major city. Plus, Tianjin has its own claims to fame. It’s at the heart of many of China’s art forms.  For example, Tianjin is home to the Beijing Opera and this is where many wash paintings, clay figurines and Wei’s kites all originate. These are all interesting crafts that the Chinese cherish, and ones that you’ll appreciate for yourself on a cruise to Tianjin. Here are some things to try out when you are docked in Tianjin, China:

  • Walk along the Tianjin Ancient Culture Street which was built to resemble the architecture of the Qing dynasty.
  • Take a ride over the Hai River on the Tianjin Eye, a 394-foot Ferris wheel that is situated on the Yongle Bridge – the only one of its kind located on a bridge.
  • Feel like having some pizza? Visit the Tianjin Italian Town where pizza, pasta and all things Italian are celebrated and preserved.
  • Learn about Tianjin’s interesting past at the Tianjin Museum. Here you’ll see beautiful collections of art, gems and historical documents.

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