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Chengdu, China Cruise Port

The city of Chengdu in China has one of the richest and most diverse historical pasts in the East. The inhabitants flock to the many tea houses to practice their calligraphy and engage in deep conversations. Some of the most popular animals in the city are the pandas, endangered animals that spend their days rolling around bamboo branches playfully. Cruise to Chengdu and experience what many have called the Land of Heaven since ancient times. The city takes on a much slower and relaxed pace of life. A mythical and enchanting land, Chengdu never stops to surprise the locals and the world. New archeological discoveries of ancient past are occasionally dug up such as the recently unearthed Jinsha site. The aspect of rich history is one of the reasons why the city is immensely popular. Below are a few activities and places you will enjoy on your cruise to the city:
  • Take a tour to The Ancient Fortress Wall, which was constructed during the Qing dynasty and still stands majestically to this day. Old and bulky hibiscus trees form lines on both sides of the wall making for what is beautiful scenery for any traveler all through the year.
  • Spend a day with giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. These majestic giants of the east are slowly dwindling in numbers which makes it a good time to see them as they roll around and play with one another.
  • Chengdu is home to the world's oldest irrigation project. Built almost 2000 years ago and still functioning today, Dujiangyan irrigation system stopped all flooding in the local region and transformed Chengdu into a very productive agricultural region. The irrigation project is worth visiting.
  • Lovers of history will enjoy a day at the Du Fu Thatched Cottage. Established over 1,200 years ago this museum was constructed in honor of Du Fu, a local poet. It also houses works of art and ancient relics of the Tang Dynasty.
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