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Oceania Cruises Northern Europe Cruises

Immerse yourself in rich heritage and culture where you’ll be astonished with the activities of European countries like Sweden, Russia and Germany on a cruise to the Baltics with Oceania Cruises. You’ll enjoy riding through the Dutch landscape of canals, bridges and windmills in Amsterdam. You can feast your mind upon the rich history of the Berlin Wall and Jewish museum in Germany. In addition, it will be like a trip back in time when you come across the parks, palaces and medieval museums of Stockholm on an Oceania Cruises Northern Europe and Scandinavia cruise.


Things to Do on a Northern Europe Cruise with Oceania Cruises


From the inspiring fjords to the intriguing story behind the bestseller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you’ll find a variety of interesting excursions and activities that help you delve deep into Northern Europe – all from the nearby luxury of your Oceania Cruises ship.


Oceania Cruises Oslofjord an inlet in the south east of Norway
  • Cruise on the Oslofjord (Oslo, Norway)
    Experience the beauty of Norway’s fjords up close as you board a classic wooden sailing ship that takes you along the Oslofjord. This gorgeous fjord is surrounded by islands that are dotted with summer houses and cabins. On this cruise you’ll enjoy a traditional prawn buffet in the brisk air before heading back to the pier.


Oceania Cruises Copenhagen Denmark houses in Seafront Nyhavn
  • Copenhagen Brewery Experience (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    You’ll visit two of Denmark’s famed breweries on this trip. The first stop is at the Carlsberg Brewery where your tour will begin at the old granary. Then you’ll walk through a museum dedicated to the development of the beer and a sculpture garden, featuring a Rodin. Your last stop is the Jacobsen Brewhouse and Bar in an old warehouse overlooking the bottling line. Then you’ll head to Norrebro Bryghus and tour this microbrewery that likes to experiment with new recipes.


Oceania Cruises Brandenburg Gate of Berlin Germany
  • Behind the Iron Curtain (Berlin, Germany)
    Explore life in East Germany, which was controlled by Communist Russia after World War II. Your first stop is at a hands-on museum where you’ll see government cars from the era. Then you’ll visit Rostock to see the Stasi Prison where you’ll see pictures and artifacts describing life in East Germany. During this excursion you’ll learn more about the differences between the two sides of Germany.


Oceania Cruises Holy Trinity Church Russia Murmansk region
  • Traditional Folkloric Performance (Murmansk, Russia)
    Located in the Northwestern corner of Russia, Murmansk is home to the elegant Palace of Culture. Here you’ll watch a traditional performance of Russian song and dance. Russian culture is quite different from most other cultures, and this is an amazing chance to experience those traditions you’ve only seen in movies or read about in Tolstoy novels.


Oceania Cruises beautiful aurora above Fjords Norway
  • Wilderness Center and City Tour (Longyearben, Norway)
    Longyearben is situated way up North in the Arctic Circle. This town was once an important coal mining site, but now is more known for its wildlife. You’ll first head to the Dog Farm where you’ll learn about polar dogs and play with the puppies. Then you’ll warm up by the fireplace with coffee and cake and learn more about life in the arctic from your hosts.


Oceania Cruises panoramic view on the old city of Stockholm classical skyline
  • Stieg Larsson’s Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
    If you are one of the millions who were entranced by Stieg Larsson’s best-selling Millennium book series about the mysteries that surround Lisbeth Salander, you won’t want to miss this tour. You’ll visit City Hall, where the annual Nobel Prize banquet is held. Then head to Sodermalm where the books start and tour through the streets with a guide giving insight into Larsson’s life and exchanges in his novels.


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Oceania Cruises Northern Europe Departure Ports

Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for a Northern Europe cruise with Oceania Cruises. Your Oceania Cruises Northern Europe cruise could begin in any of the following cities:

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